Huawei to open 4G, 5G support centre in Lisbon in September

Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd of China will open in Lisbon in September its first support centre in Europe for fourth-generation and fifth-generation wireless telecommunications, Negócios reports.

The Portuguese financial newspaper quotes an executive of the Portuguese arm of Huawei, Samuel Ferreira, as saying Huawei chose Portugal for its European support centre because of the availability there of qualified, English-speaking labour that is good value for money.

Huawei Portugal means to take on about 30 engineers by the end of this year, Negócios says.

In a separate report, a Portuguese newspaper, Expresso, says Huawei invested €160 million (US$180.2 million) in Portugal in last year, 14 percent more than the year before, and had €235 million worth of sales there, 26 percent more than the year before.