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Export consumer products to mainland China

Portugal & UE

Export consumer products to UE & Portugal

Brazil & Latin America

Export consumer products to Brazil & South América.

Raw materials

Export to China: Nickel ore, iron ore, copper, coal, various non-ferrous metals & chemical products.

Marketing and Merchandise

RP China, Macau, Portugal & Brazil

Sell online

Consumer products @Marketplaces in China, Portugal and Brazil

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The main purpose of "China-PLP - Sociedade de Comércio Externo e Serviços, Lda.", a Macau company - with companies' registrar no. 81644 SO - is to provide logistc and consultancy support for any company or person who wishes to install and / or export and / or import goods or services from China to Portuguese Speaking Countries, and vice versa, by identifying and promoting business opportunities, placing products, goods and / or services, directly or through the creation and management of marketplaces as well as distribution and logistics centers, promoting business partnerships, conducting and sponsoring international trade operations and the development of B2B e-commerce. China-PLP is a company participated by INTECH LDA. (Macao), BUYIN.PT S.A. (Portugal), MERCACHEFE AL LTA (Brazil) and 2LL CONSULTANTS LTDA. (Angola), entities that have over 30 years of experience in international trade operations and financial consultancy.

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